Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tin Roof Beer rolls out in Baton Rouge

The Tin Roof Brewing Company is ready to roll out their first selections to draft beer starting tomorrow (Thursday, November 18, 2010), so naturally I got a sneak peak at what is in store for craft beer fans in Baton Rouge.  Setting up shop off of Nicholson Drive between LSU and Downtown, Tin Roof is starting with two brews to give us a thirst-quenching taste of local flavors.  The Voodoo Bengal Pale Ale is the beer that I'm most excited about.  It is a slightly hoppy American pale ale that is brewed with Louisiana's own Steen's Cane Syrup.  The beer has an excellent mild fruit nose and a beautiful balance between the malt, hops, and cane syrup taste.  For those who may not be as much of a hops enthusiast as I am, the Perfect Tin Amber provides a solid amber style beer with a nice malt presence.  Either way, you shouldn't be disappointed!

Voodoo Bengal Pale Ale (left) and Perfect Tin Amber (right)

Tin Roof's Brew Kettles
Tin Roof's Fermenting Tanks
The best news about everything is that the wait is over for Baton Rouge to be able to taste their city's very own beer!  This weekend William McGehee and Charles Caldwell at Tin Roof have a roll out planned in efforts to get a beer in as many hands of craft beer lovers and local product supporters as possible.  Here is the schedule:

Thursday 11/18
The Bulldog on Perkins, 4-9 PM

Friday 11/19
Happy's Downtown 4 - close with David Borne for your musical enjoyment
Mellow Mushroom on Burbank 5 -7
Chimes East on Coursey 5 - 7
Chimes LSU 7 - 9

Saturday 11/20
Walk-On's both locations... especially at the Burbank location after the Ole Miss football game!

Many of those featured times and places will also have specials like $3 pints (very good price for such small-batch local craft beer), free jambalaya, and more.  Check it out, bring a friend, drink plenty, and support a new Baton Rouge business!  CHEERS!

Tin Roof 1/6 barrel kegs ready to roll out to a bar near you!
Make sure you keep up with Tin Roof on Twitter and Facebook!  Tell them Bite and Booze sent you!

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  1. Most be a real exciting event ..That all have been awaiting ..

  2. Hell yeah! A tin, A tin, A F%@!ING TIN! Can't wait for that Voodoo Bengal! I love a cat on a cold Tin Roof.

  3. Niche bar and grill, another new local business, is hosting a five course beer tasting with a pint of tin roof with each course in early December. You should probably check it out.


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