Monday, October 10, 2011

LSU Tigers vs Florida Gators Gameday Tailgating

The Florida Gators came into Baton Rouge for a showdown of ranked teams on October 8th.  With such a huge game coming up and the Tigers of LSU carrying the weight of being the number one team in the country, the tailgating atmosphere on campus was electric.  Courtney, my LSU cheerleader friend, and I set out with our camera man Garrett to find the best campus eats with our eyes on the real prize... I was determined to find at least one tailgate cooking a whole gator.  Fortunately, I found two, and a whole lot more!

I hope you didn't miss the cannibalistic Gator fan with the pony tail!  Classic... but he forgot his jorts!  I'm also really glad I got to go by Second String Tailgaters with by buddies Rob, Drew, and more, as well as the Chili Cookoff at the Vet School, which I also judged!  Oh, and then there was this guy:

Teriyaki Rotisserie Gator.  Doesn't get much better than that!


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