Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Sandwich Gauntlet 2011

The rules were relatively simple.  For two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, eat nothing but one turkey sandwich for every meal each day.  Two weeks.  Fourteen days.  Forty-two turkey sandwiches.  I failed.  Being a food writer, radio host, and having a lot going on for two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, I found it nearly impossible to consume nothing but turkey sandwiches for fourteen straight days.  Still, I tried.  And while 33% is certainly a failing score, if I were playing baseball that would be a pretty damn good batting average.  I managed a total of 14 turkey sandwiches, or an average of one per day.  I'll take it... until next year!

Turkey breast with spinach, red onion, and mustard on a croissant from Maxwell's Market


  1. That's a lot of tryptophan!!! I'd be sleeping for 2 weeks. :)

  2. That would be a tough but tasty challenge!

  3. Can't see why anyone would want to do that, or what the purpose would be. Tryptophan awareness fortnight?


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