Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Live Beer Blogging in Indianapolis #BeerBloggers

Jay and Mr. Schlafly
Jay and Mr. Schlafly
This went incredibly quickly and I tried to keep up with notes and pictures.  Rather than go back and edit my crude scribes during the Live Beer Blogging event at the North American Beer Blogger Conference in Indianapolis last weekend, I decided to just post exactly what I was able to type during the 5 minutes "speed blogging" intervals with different breweries.  Obviously my notes deteriorated as the hour-long session moved on!

These notes are in the order that the beers were poured at my table.  I'd have to say that my favorite beer was probably the Arctic Panzer Wolf from Three Floyds.  The Wreck Alley Imperial Stout from Karl Strauss and the Schlafly IPA were both also at the top.  Cheers!
Bite and Booze: Live Beer Blogging in Indianapolis #BeerBloggers

Boulder's Hazed & Infused
Boulder's Hazed & Infused
Chicken Dan, Boulder Beer Company
Hazed and infused
33 years in business
Dry hopped amber ale that's unfiltered
5% ABV
GABF entrant for 13th time, but have never won a medal cause there's no category for it.
This year it goes in "session IPA" which is silly
No bells and whistles... a beer that pays the bills.
Breweries make their livings off beers that people buy more than once

Karl Strauss's Wreck Alley Imperial Stout
Wreck Alley Imperial Stout
Ryan Ross from Karl Strauss in San Diego
Wreck Alley Imperial Stout
Cocoa Nibs and locally roasted Ethiopian coffee beans
9.5% ABV
Thin for a stout... delicious and smooth... could be dangerous, alcohol is hiding, easier drinking
44th largest craft brewer but only sold in SoCal

Schlafly's A IPA
Schlafly's A IPA
St Louis area
American IPA seasonal
Hoppy, fruity

Barley Island's Damien
Barley Island's Damien
Barley Island
Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Fountain Square Brewing's Pilsner
Fountain Square Brewing
Fountain Square Brewing Co.
Downtown Indy
Working man's pilsner
Great packaging, nice flavor, easily drinkable

Flat 12's Pogue's Run Porter
Flat 12's Pogue's Run Porter
Flat 12 Bierwerks
Pogue's Run Porter
Automotive and german brewing tradition

Triton's Magnificent Amber
Triton's Magnificent Amber
Triton Brewing Co
Magnificent Amber
Nice and malty, subtle hops.  Good brew

Three Floyd's Arctic Panzer Wolf
Arctic Panzer Wolf
Three Floyd's Brewing Co
Arctic Panzer Wolf
Imperial IPA
Dry, strong, robust, flavorful
barnaby is the dude's name

New Belgium's Shift Pale Lager
Shift Pale Lager
New Belgium
Shift Pale Lager
Session Lager
American style pale lager

Ram's Endgame Russian Imperial Stout
Ram's Endgame Russian Imperial Stout
Ram Restaurant and Brewery
Downtown Indy
Endgame Russian Imperial Stout
coffee, chocolate, dark roast, fresh hops,


  1. haha, you did better than me keeping up. Damn TouchPad.

  2. I was too busy checking them all into untappd to keep up with notes. Thanks for helping me remember each beer.

  3. Ha! Love this. I somehow deleted half my photos and did a bathroom run in the session and never did get it posted. Cheers to your beer blogging tenacity!


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