Friday, July 20, 2012

Beer Cheese? Yes, Please!

Jay Ducote takes a bite of cheese at Earl's Beer and Cheese
Jay with beer... and cheese
If anybody can find something wrong with beer and cheese, please stop reading this post now.  For those continuing, which I assume is everybody, let me tell you about a little place in NYC that my friend Molly introduced me to called Earl's Beer & Cheese.  First, it literally is a little place.  Secondly, they have beer.  And cheese.  And finally, they have beer-cheese!  

Earl's Beer & Cheese is in Manhattan between Harlem and the Upper East Side.  Molly and I got started with the famous beer-cheese which contains New York State cheddar, Earl's house lager, and fresh garlic with toast.  The beer infused cheddar cheese could be easily spread on the toast with slivers of fresh garlic.  The bread itself had an amazing soft-yet-crispy texture with a supremely buttery flavor that could have been enjoyed completely on its own.  Add a little beer-cheese and garlic, and I could be happy eating this for a full meal.  

Earl's Beer-Cheese with Fresh Garlic and Toast
Earl's Beer-Cheese with Fresh Garlic and Toast
However, as good as the beer-cheese tasted, I couldn't stop there.  Not when I saw one of the menu's signature dishes.  The Earl’s Eggo called out to me like a flare gun firing in the moonlight by a stranded sailor on an island to signal a ship upon the sea.  The inconspicuous Eggo waffle came topped with seared foie gras, aged cabot cheddar, coffee-cured bacon, and "syzzurpy" goodness.  This gourmet breakfast item ran a hefty $17 price tag, but that barely phased me.  I had to try it.  And then I had to devour the entire thing.  The flavors clashed on my palate in a toil of tasty deliciousness.  The foie gras's rich and creamy texture met the sweet syrup with vibrant complexity, then the bacon and cheese followed with their classic salty and savory tones.  If you don't like foie gras, this dish isn't for you.  But if you ever find yourself wanting to try something new, then put this on your to-eat list.

Eggo Waffle, Foie Gras, Bacon, Cheddar Syrup
Earl's Egg.

Jay Ducote visits Earl's Beer and Cheese in NYC
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