Monday, October 8, 2012

Bon Repas Truck and a Pink Party!

Sommer Wadsworth on the Bon Repas Truck
In case you've been living under a rock during past couple months, there's a new food truck roaming the streets of Baton Rouge that you really can't miss. Bon Repas is currently a bright pink mobile food vending establishment that came over from nearby Lafayette.  Owners Chris and Sommer Wadsworth started the truck in the heart of Cajun Country slinging wraps. However, when Chris took a gig as the Executive Chef of Restaurant IPO in downtown Baton Rouge, Sommer and truck came along for the ride.  They re-branded the truck with the pink facade and a deep fryer for homemade empanadas.  The pink truck is definitely and ode to girl power as it sports a crew of women with serious chops to run the truck.  They also use the pink as a sign of charitable giving to support breast cancer research.  You really can't go wrong eating an empanada for a good cause!

An Empanada from the Bon Repas Truck
I recently tracked down Bon Repas at a Wednesday Food Truck Wround-up where I ordered my first empanada from Sommer.  I opted for the Blue Pig: a mixture of chorizo and blue cheese stuffed inside a delicious pastry shell and deep fried until golden brown.  The empanada dough had a magical balance between being tender and flaky and being rugged enough to hold up to the fillings.  The chorizo had a great spice blend then contrasted beautifully with the blue cheese.  I'll be back for more, for sure!

The Blue Pig: A Chorizo and Blue Cheese Empanada
Meanwhile, Chef Chris Wadsworth at Restaurant IPO is doing his part as well.  On October 18th he's doing his first ever Pink Party cooking demo upstairs at The Office bar.  You definitely shouldn't miss this great event.  Check out the details below and sign up now before it is sold out!

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