Monday, December 31, 2012

Wüsthof - Defining the Edgë - Chef Richie Nakano

Wüsthof, a popular knife and cutlery company, has recently released a new video series spotlighting a few different chefs called "Defining the Edgë."  I'd dare say that is a great example of using web-based video to tell as story behind a person and a product.  This particular story caught my eye because it follows San Francisco-based chef Richie Nakano as he opened up a pop-up restaurant, something that I've been doing in south Louisiana all year.  Nakano is an accomplished chef and business owner, who left behind a steady job in pursuit of an idea. In the midst of a recession and a new baby on the way, the chef decided to open Hapa Ramen as a pop-up at the famous Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.  For Nakano, the risk paid off as he will open Hapa, his first brick and mortar ramen noodle restaurant very soon. Hapa will focus on non-traditional Japanese ramen cuisine using modern techniques, such as sous vide and low-temperature stock-making, along with the use of fresh ingredients from the best local farmers.  

I need to make a video like this for myself and everything I'm doing!  Check it out for yourself!

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