Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Evan Williams Single Barrel: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Calandro's Supermarket

In a Whisk(e)y Wednesday first, Evan Williams Single Barrel received the exact same final score from all four judges.  While we rated the bourbon differently for nose, taste, finish, and balance and complexity, after the scores were tallied, everybody ended up with a 75/100.  The Even Williams Single Barrel is a significant step up from regular EW.  The nose is delicate, with maple and corn coming through in the tones of maple flavored corn-based pancake syrup.  The whiskey had a little punch on the tongue with a slight spice.  The flavors are subtle, with nothing harsh nor overly interesting.  It finishes smoothly and easily, so much so that you can swish it around your mouth, if you'd like.  The flavors could be more robust, but the drink-ability is there and this is a solid bourbon to put on your shelf.

Evan Williams Single Barrel

Average Score 75.0

Whisk(e)y Wednesday is a blog post series on Bite and Booze sponsored by Calandro's Supermarket. Calandro's has one of Baton Rouge's best selections of bourbon, Scotch, and other whisk(e)ys as well as wine and craft beer. WW is created and rated by the hosts of Raise a Glass. Scores are marked for Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance and Complexity using our own propriatary scoring system. Marks are then added and averaged, leaving us with a final score out of a 100 point scale. Our scale should be looked at on the full range of 0-100 rather than an academic range where 70 is passing and anything less is failing. A 50 should be considered a very mediocre whisk(e)y while anything below 20 is absolute horse piss and anything above 90 is rather extraordinary.

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