Monday, March 11, 2013

926-Muff... the Name and the Number

Using the phone number in the business name... brilliant.  Offering delivery in the 70808, even more so.  But the question is, can they make a good muffaletta?  Of course, I had to see.  I swung by the little joint on Congress at Perkins the other day and met owner Leigh Anne Town.  With a kind smile and welcoming opening of the walk-up window, Leigh Anne asked what she could get for me.

I ordered a half-muffaletta.  The we chatted for a bit about how I heard about the place (driving by up and down Perkins) and other things that I might happen to do or not do in the food world of Baton Rouge.  Then I got my sandwich, took it home, and scarfed it down, but not before snapping a picture.  Well, kinda.

The 926-Muff sandwich rested on the foundation of Leidenheimer muffaletta bread.  Add that to the traditional ingredients of olive salad, salami, ham, mortadella, and provolone, and you certainly had an authentic, Central Grocery style concoction.  Leigh Anne also adds the option of running the muffaletta through a conveyor oven, if desired.  I opted for the heat in order to crisp the bread and melt the cheese.  Overall it definitely proved to be a satisfying sandwich.  Since they'll deliver to my house, I'll probably eat quite a few of them.  By no means will it replace the occasional trip out to Anthony's Italian Deli on Florida Blvd. for what I believe to be the best muffaletta on the planet, but 926-Muff is definitely a welcome addition to the Baton Rouge food scene.   

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  1. That is a hilarious name. And what a neat concept to call it the phone number. It looks tasty.


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