Friday, February 21, 2014

Grab Lunch at Harrington's Café

Harrington's Western Wall Painted by the BR Walls Project
Harrington's Western Wall Painted by the BR Walls Project
Harrington's Cafe in Baton Rouge
Locally owned and operated for the past 14 years, Harrington’s Café in downtown Baton Rouge is a great little lunch spot. I first wrote about Harrington's in October 2009, the very first month of Bite and Booze. He hotspot boasts quick and easy ordering at the counter and the plates are promptly brought to your table of choice. Harrington’s is perfect for anyone working in the area that wants a quick home cooked style lunch. The atmosphere may be simple, but this old school café offers a menu everyone can enjoy. Throwback interior aside, the most striking visual feature is definitely outside of Harrington’s. As home to mural number two in the BR Walls Project series of building beautification around Baton Rouge, Harrington’s has a modern exterior facelift that definitely stands out downtown.

Harrington's always keeps a pretty rocking rotation of daily specials, and on a recent trip they were no exception. Most of the specials of the day were not available by the time I got there a little after 1 PM, so make sure you show up early because items will sell out! The shrimp and corn soup was perfect for a chilly day walking around downtown. It was the right amount of creamy and balanced out the spiciness of the blackened shrimp on my salad. 

Shrimp and Corn Soup
I have to admit, the Metten Burger intrigued me for the name despite football season being over. It was cooked just right with Swiss cheese and sautéed onions on a soft, sweet sourdough bun. I truly enjoyed it enough to want to go back to Harrington's for a burger again. I usually dabble with daily specials and poboys, but the Metten Burger hit the spot.

The Metten Burger

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