Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey releases nationwide: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Calandro's Supermarket

Great news out of Kilbeggan Distilling Company in Ireland. The 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey – the fastest growing Irish whiskey in the U.S. – has grown beyond its Minnesota roots and is now officially available across the United States. The brand has experienced exponential growth, expanding from limited Midwest markets one year ago to all 50 states this month. I previously wrote about the 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey on a Whisk(e)y Wednesday review post, so it is pretty awesome to get to report their expansion and tour.

To support the national launch, 2 GINGERS Founder and CEO Kieran Folliard will travel in a customized 2 GINGERS trailer to meet with bartenders, distributors and consumers looking to discover the BIG GINGER cocktail in stops from coast to coast, including: Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL,  Hoboken, NJ, New Orleans, LA, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, St. Louis, MO, Indianapolis, IN, and Columbus, OH.

“At its heart, 2 GINGERS is about following up on a hunch and pursuing your dreams," said Folliard, who is soon hitting the road in a custom 2 GINGERS trailer that, like any Irish pub, will ring with stories (most of them true) in cities across the country. "We hope to encourage others to pursue their dreams, to demonstrate what we stand for and to pose the question: 'Why not try something big?’”

As an added bonus, here's the recipe for the BIG GINGER:

2 parts 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey
Ginger Ale
Lemon Wedge
Lime Wedge
METHOD: Pour the 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey into a pint glass with ice. Top with ginger ale, followed by a wedge of a lemon and lime.

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