Monday, February 24, 2014

New Louisiana Brewery Trails Video for Louisiana Travel

Last Spring, Tommy Talley of TommysTV and I created a video to spotlight the blazing craft brewery trail in Louisiana. At the time the craft beer scene existed only in South Louisiana, but with the addition of Great Raft and Red River in Shreveport the brewery trail now stretches from Northern Louisiana down to south of Lake Pontchartrain. I also had the privilege of writing the content for Louisiana Travel's Brewery Profile for each Louisiana Brewery. Everything is up to date and Lousiana Travel has officially partnered with beer social media site, Untappd to do a badge hunt across the state for a giveaway. For more information on the promotion check out this blog post from The Ale Runner. Below is the updated video featuring the two new breweries and taking a look at how Louisiana beer pairs with our local cuisine.

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