Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brenne: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

Brenne Single Malt French Whisky
Whisk(e)y Wednesday goes to France for the first time... which may be surprise because who has ever heard of French whisky? Wine or brandy, sure, but whisky? Believe it or not (you should because I've had it), there is a single malt French whiskey named Brenne which is aged in Cognac barrels. This rare find is available for $14 at Lock & Key and is definitely worthy of a taste. The nose starts with pure butterscotch. A sweetened butter candy aroma, seriously, straight up Werther's in a bad ass way, gives way to a creme brulee taste on the tongue with a soft, sweet, and clean mouth feel that goes down just as delicately. The whisky has a mellow medicinal quality upfront from the cognac barrel which gets drowned out quickly by the buttery candy all the way down. Though not very complex, the Brenne presents an amazingly balanced whisky with a totally unique flavor profile. There's no reason not to give it a try!

Brenne Single Malt French Whisky
Average Score: 78.25

Whisk(e)y Wednesday is a blog post series on Bite and Booze sponsored by the Lock & Key Whiskey Bar. Lock & Key has one of Baton Rouge's best selections of bourbon, Scotch, Irish, and other whisk(e)ys available for on premise consumption. This WW feature was scored by Jay Ducote from Bite and Booze, Arthur Lauck from Lock & Key, Jeremy Spikes from Old Maul, and Natalie Parbhoo from International Wine and Spirits. Scores are marked for Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance and Complexity using our own proprietary scoring system. Marks are then added and averaged, leaving us with a final score out of a 100 point scale. Our scale should be looked at on the full range of 0-100 rather than an academic range where 70 is passing and anything less is failing. A 50 should be considered a very mediocre whisk(e)y (though not undrinkable) while anything below 20 is absolute horse piss and anything above 80 is rather extraordinary and anything above 90 is world class.

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