Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Elder-Fashioned: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Lock & Key

by Blair "B-Rex" Loup

St. Germain.

The Elder-Fashioned at Lock & Key Whiskey Bar in Baton Rouge
The Elder-Fashioned at Lock & Key Whiskey Bar in Baton Rouge
It’s showing up everywhere: in gin cocktails, in champagne flutes, and now in your old fashioned.

St. Germain is an elderflower liqueur that’s sweet with subtle flavors resembling fragrant fruits like pear and peach.

Lock & Key Whiskey Bar has a way of mixing things you wouldn’t normally place in certain cocktails and having them seamlessly work together, and the Elder-Fashioned is no exception.

Made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, aromatic bitters, and soda in addition to the St. Germain; the Elder-Fashioned is an interesting twist on a classic.

St. Germain is very sweet, so the hearty Buffalo Trace Bourbon rounds out the flavors well. The soda is another ingredient you wouldn’t typically see in an old fashioned.

For me, the soda creates some wiggle room in order for all of the flavors to come through with a little added effervescence. Otherwise, I think it would simply taste like super sweet bourbon.

See? Lock & Key is keeping you from drinking overly syrupy cocktails six days a week!

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