Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eusebio's House for Barbeque Goodness and Another Saints Victory

I love some good old barbeque, and Eusebio sure knows how to do it right.  Since he is a chef for a living, he doesn't cook at home all that often, but when he does it is certainly worth accepting his invitation!  The other night he grilled some chicken thighs, pork chops, and some good Cajun sausage along with eggplant and squash.  He also whipped up some fresh mashed potatoes and a batch of smoked gouda mac 'n cheese.

Barbeque and Sides from Eusebio's House

Eusebio and I share a passion for chicken thighs.  I feel that they are by far the best part of a chicken.  I'm a fan of all dark meat, but the thigh is usually the most special.  Whether fried, baked, cooked drunk-chicken style, roasted, smoked, grilled, blackened, or other, the thigh meat always stays more tender and far juicier than the rest of the bird.  These thighs were no exception as they came out moist and marvelous.  The pork chop was tender to the bone and coated in a tangy barbeque sauce.

Eggplant and squash are two of my favorite vegetables to flame broil and serve piping hot with some grilled meats.  They were fantastic again on this night, which I never doubted.  Eusebio's mashed potatoes were loaded with sour cream, chives, and garlic.  The fluffy texture perfectly complimented the seasoned chicken and pork.  Finally, the smoked gouda macaroni and cheese rounded out my double-plated feast.  They were a creamy mixture of elbow noodles and delicious cheese.  Pretty hard to go wrong with that!

Banana Pudding from Matherne's Supermarket

Like any good meal, this one ended with something sweet.  Matherne's banana pudding hit the spot, satisfying our sweet teeth with creamy, smooth, rich deliciousness.  I could eat that stuff every day!

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