Friday, May 11, 2012

Burgasm: "I'm Not Trying to be an Underwear Model" Teaser

I'm very excited.  For anybody who hasn't seen me recently or just hasn't noticed, I've actually lost over 20 pounds since December.  Most of that was lost during the three months of actively filming for this documentary project, but I've at least kept it off since then.  And I'll keep trying to lose more as well.  "I'm Not Trying to be an Underwear Model" is a documentary web series about a South Louisiana food writer, radio host, chef, etc. (me) trying to be healthier while eating and drinking for a living.  Along with filmmaker Tommy Talley of TommysTV, our goal is to show a realistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.  This series isn't about trying to be an underwear model or the biggest loser.  It is about living a life full of bite and booze in one of the best places on earth to do it, but also realizing that you have to be at least a little health conscious along the way!  Please enjoy the teaser that we put together below.  Episode 1 will be coming along sometime soon!

Jay flips a tire during a workout with Shane Rosario
In case any of you were wondering, it is possible to order the "Repeat Offender" aka "Burgasm" at Curbside. Just track them down, and enjoy!

Huge thanks goes out to everyone who made this possible along the way.  If I left you out, please remind me!

Tommy Talley, TommysTV
Shane Rosario, Certified Crossfit and Russian Kettle Bell Instructor
Josh Carley, 40:31 Productions
Matt Callac and Erick Martin, ElbowRoom
Mike Russo, Building Studios
Max Fitness, Highland Road at Kenilworth
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Rani Whitfield, Tha Hip Hop Doc
Varsity Sports
Aaron Hogan, Eye Wander Photo
Plus many other friends, families, and others who will be recognized along the way!

Stay tuned for Episode 1!!


  1. Looks like a great show Jay and I'm defnitely going to watch. I feel your pain. When I was very heavy in building my website out I gained about 25 pounds. Had to slow down on that and get training over at LA Boxing to get my weight down and my blood pressure / cholesterol right.

  2. I can't believe you got about half of that burger down in one bite! What did you wash it down with? This is going to be a great show.


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