Monday, May 14, 2012

Street Breads - Not a Bakery, a Sandwich Shop with Really Good Bread!

Mexico City Chicken & Chipotle
I recently got treated to a whirlwind of flavor in Lake Charles, LA at a sandwich shop called Street Breads.  The concept is pretty simple: make really good sandwiches.  So, staying true to that, the model is anti-Subway as a sandwich shop can be.  Street Breads uses artisan breads, several of which are vegan and preservative free.  All toppings and sauces are made daily in house.  Josh Priola, owner of Street Breads, prides himself on not having to advertise catchy words like "fresh" or "healthy."  "When you eat it, you'll know," Josh told me.  While his launch restaurant is in Lake Charles, Josh is dreaming bigger.  "I want to flip the current sandwich model built on margins and profit," he explained.  "Theses sandwiches are real.  The ingredients are honest.  I just let them speak for themselves."

St. Paul's Pizza

The Mexico City Chicken & Chipotle sandwich certainly took the right steps towards proving his point.  The chipotle packed just the right amount of kick and the basil pecan pesto freakin rocks.  Even the cucumbers were a brilliant, crunchy veggie choice that provided a textural balance between the halves soft Ciabatta bread.

Also impressive was the St. Paul's Pizza.  I didn't see this one coming.  At first glance of the menu board, it seemed like the pizzas were out of place.  The reduced price pita sandwiches, sure, but pizzas as well?  It seemed like a Subway-esque move... until I tried it.  Again using the basil pecan pesto, the square-shaped pie really hit the spot.  Topped with large Louisiana shrimp and plenty of cheese to go along with the pesto and roasted portabellas, I'd eat this again and again.

Feta Potato Salad
Street Breads also has some sides other than chips.  The feta potato salad was scrumptious, and paired very well with my next sandwich, the Deep South Pork & Slaw.  The tasty creation featured generous portions of pulled pork, cheddar cheese, Cajun remoulade, and "Street" slaw on rustic club bread.  I started off nervous that the pork to slaw ratio wouldn't quite be to my preferred balance, but once I bit into the sandwich those fears went away. The slaw and remoulade danced with the pork as the crusty bread held it all together.  It really ended up being one of my favorite sandwiches of the day (toss up with the Mexico City). 

I also got a taste of the Mediterranean Portabella on Focaccia as well as the Southwest Salad Wrap with Asiago, roasted corn relish, and ancho ranch dressing.  The sauces and dressings on all the Street Breads sandwiches really set them apart.  I wasn't able to try any of the pitas or breakfast sandwiches, but I'm sure they are all rather tasty as well.  As for me... dessert beckoned.  

Deep South Pork & Slaw

My final treat from Josh came in the form of Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise.  The hot, sticky dessert couple please the palate of anybody with a sweet tooth.

Street Breads is in the process of taking Lake Charles by storm.  The sandwich shop is really filling a niche that had been longing for some artisan sandwiches and a restaurateur that really gave a crap about their product.  It seems like Josh's next move might be to open a couple other South Louisiana locations... like perhaps Lafayette and Baton Rouge.  I know I certainly wouldn't object.  This kind of attention-to-detail sandwich spot, priced appropriately between a Subway and a Panera Bread, is exactly what Baton Rouge needs.  For now though, go see them in Lake Charles!

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  1. Great Article on a Great Restaurant. Love Josh and his Crew down at the SB!

  2. So excited to see that Street Breads is opening in BR in the Perkins Overpass area!


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