Monday, August 5, 2013

"Month of Salads" Post II: Root's Grilled Duck Heart Salad

Grilled Duck Heart Salad at Root
Not all salads are created equal, but during my Month of Salads I'm determined to post about as many as I can. Take, for example, the grilled duck heart salad at Root in New Orleans. While I can understand some people not considering this masterpiece on a plate as a salad, in my book you needn't be traditional in the world of salads. There's nothing wrong with deconstruction or going lighter on lettuce or greens. This epic salad from NOLA's home for molecular gastronomy features black duck and liver terrine, pickled Silver Queen corn, pine nut rye picada, black currant tapenade, nitro freeze dried corn, and delightful slices or seared duck heart. If that makes you squeamish, then shame on you. The duck heart is incredible. The muscle of full of flavor and the rest of the salad is as delicious as the plating is beautiful. Plus, this salad only runs $13 and is easily shared as an appetizer before the rest of your can't-miss meal at Root. I shared mine with a table for six and we all, well, those of us who were up for the challenge, got a taste! There's plenty on the menu at Root to tantalize your taste buds, but don't overlook the salads!

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