Friday, August 2, 2013

"Month of Salads" Post I: Niche's Citrus Marinated Crab Salad

I announced a little while back on Facebook that August would be a "Month of Salads" on Bite and Booze. Mostly this is because I need to eat more salads. Also, I am certainly willing to admit that my lack of attention to salads as a whole is exclusionary to people who generally like rabbit food. I kid. Kind of. So during the month of August I'll try to post about at least a solid handful of salads in addition to my normal radio show posts on Tuesdays and Whisk(e)y Wednesdays. If you have salads to suggest, I'd love to hear them. I have the whole month to truly make an effort to try more salads around Baton Rouge and anywhere else I end up!

Citrus Marinated Crab Salad at Niche
New Executive Chef Sean Rivera took over the kitchen at Niche this summer and despite a small amount of negative feedback from people who want the same old same old, the transition has been a huge hit for the eatery on Siegen Lane and for all of that side of Baton Rouge. The new menu has shifted the focus of Niche to be more chef centered with daily specials and a carefully crafted menu. Among my favorite menu items that I've tried so far is the citrus marinated crab salad. A heaping pile of Louisiana lump crab meat is tossed in a citrus dressing and plated atop a nest of grilled asparagus before being topped with fire roasted red peppers and ringed with balsamic. The $16 price tag might seem a little intimidating for a salad, but for the amount of crab meat that is piled on the plate, it is worth it. You can also easily approach the dish as a shareable appetizer instead of an entree salad. Dishes like this will make my month of salads a lot easier to swallow. Maybe I can get used to it!

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