Monday, September 30, 2013

Tin Roof's Rougarou Heads Out Today

Tin Roof Rougarou Imperial Black Ale
Last week I got my paws on a bottle of the brand new Tin Roof Rougarou Imperial Black Ale right as it came off the bottling line at the brewery. The screen printed 22oz bottle looks intimidating, and to some the beer inside might be as well. It is a black double India pale ale, or bdIPA. The beer is aggressively hopped with a rich roasted malt backbone. It pours dark and mysterious and then will light you up from the inside.

The Rougarou heads out of the brewery today as the Mockler Beverage trucks will pick it up and bring it back their warehouse. From there they'll divvy it up between retail accounts in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the Northshore. BR bars that should have it on tap on Tuesday or Wednesday include The Cove, Pelican House, Bulldog, and both Chimes locations. Oddly enough, all of those spots were at the top of my recent post about the nine best places to drink craft beer in BR!

If you'd prefer to grab one of these amazing looking bottles to throw in your fridge (or drink it immediately after you drive home), they'll also be available on Tuesday or Wednesday at fine bottle shops like Calandro's Supermarket!

What's that? Tin Roof has bottles? Why yes, they do. They have this nifty three-bottle-at-a-time hand-fed contraption that fills up the 22oz bomber-sized bottles. So now you can expect some more of these in the future.

Tin Roof's Bottling Line
And don't worry... the Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter will be on its way in about a month, and it'll be in kegs and cans! I can't wait!

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