Monday, February 2, 2015

Bleu Cheese and Bread Pudding: The Bistro Byronz Stride

by Sydney "Brown Nose" Blanchard, intern

Heading down Perkins Road, not much revolutionary exists in the span of pavement between Bluebonnet and Siegen. In the last few years, neighborhoods and suburbs boasting large, stately McMansions have cropped up in the expanse, but Baton Rougeans in the area had little to brag about beside a strip mall or two,Perkins Rowe, and the oft praised Louisiana Lagniappe.

Bistro Byronz's famous Bleu Cheese Chips
Bistro Byronz's famous Bleu Cheese Chips
I think Bistro Byronz sensed this. Their new location at Willow Grove offers a dining option where before options were limited.

The second Baton Rouge location opened for business a couple weeks ago at Village Plaza Court on Perkins Road, and the new location maintains a lot of the same atmosphere as the original decade-old Government Street location.

Old fans will be excited to hear the white and black interior mimics that of the original location, with tiled floors and low lighting setting the mood. Mirrors line the walls, opening up the space and making it feel much larger than it looks from the outside. 

But that’s the only optical illusion Byronz is pulling. The food is the real deal.

Redfish Meuniere
Redfish Meuniere

Legend has it, the only way to begin a meal at Byronz is with the bleu cheese chips. Go with the large, and don't turn your back on those chips for one second. Trust me, Jay, Blair and I were fighting tooth and nail for the last chip.

When it comes to choosing an entree, you can’t really go wrong with any item on the menu. Jay opted for the Redfish Meuniere, a pan-seared redfish filet topped with a meuniere sauce – a tasty take on a classic. Interestingly, it is served with a risotto cake and asparagus. Jay made a happy plate, so I'll take that as a thumbs up from him.

I ordered the stand-out on the menu – the Abita Pork Chop – a thick, French-cut chop glazed with Abita root beer and served with roasted potatoes and asparagus. The syrupy glaze paired well with the juicy pork chop. I had to stab my fork at Jay and Blair to keep them from swiping my chop.

Abita Pork Chop
Abita Pork Chop

Bistro Byronz serves up a handful of yummy dessert options, but to dine at the bistro in Carnival Season and not have the King Cake bread pudding would be a mortal sin.

In my experience, bread pudding tends to fall short of impressive, but this unique take on a traditional Louisiana dessert is something to write home (or blog) about.

And, word on the street is, Byronz will soon be serving up some sweet potato fries with a similar twist. Be on the lookout!

A relaxing evening in a dimly lit, newly-built restaurant is tough to top, and Bistro Byronz surely delivered in this first experience at their newest location.

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