Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cooking Culture with Chef Ryan Andre'

Earlier this year, Team Bite and Booze had the opportunity to collaborate with Visit Baton Rouge, TommysTV, and a handful of Louisiana Culinary Institute graduates to showcase the ever-growing food scene in the capital city.

chef ryan andre
Behind the scenes during the filming of Cooking Culture at City Pork Brasserie and Bar with Chef Ryan Andre'

For the first video in the series, we sat down with Chef Ryan Andre' to learn about his journey to becoming a chef and what he hopes to bring to the Baton Rouge culinary scene.

City pork kitchen
Signage leading to the City Pork kitchen
We learned that each of these chefs came into the culinary world from different backgrounds and circumstances, and each of the featured chefs contributes their own unique cuisine to Baton Rouge.

Filming, scripting, and getting to watch these talented chefs do what they do best was quite an experience.

Be sure to check out all four of the Cooking Culture videos.

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