Friday, October 9, 2015

Free Booze Friday: Get to Know Stephen

Happy Friday, everyone! Have you seen any of our Free Booze Friday videos at Geek Nation yet? 

Jay plays a bartender and tries to educate a crew of rowdy puppets about what they're drinking. It almost never goes according to plan.

Today, we'll hear from our favorite hipster Stephen. We all know and love a Stephen or two, but is Stephen too cool to fill out a Myspace-style survey? Or will he be willing to answer ironically? Read on to find out more.

free booze friday
Stephen is all about stopping the hate, stopping the judgement, and #STOPKONY2012

1. Last beverage:

Double shot non-fat soy latte

2. Last phone call:

I was calling my local record store to see if they had a limited edition of Arcade Fire’s “Neon Bible” available. They didn’t.

3. Last song you listened to:

I have "Intro" by Alt J on repeat. Just to clarify this is the intro from the first album.

4. Last time you cried:

When LCD Sound System announced they were splitting up.

5. Have you dated someone twice?

Yes, I’m a big believer in recycling.

6. Have you ever been cheated on?

It is impossible to be cheated on in an open relationship

7. Kissed someone & regretted it?

Let’s just say all American girls are ALL hype.

8. Have you lost someone special?

Yes, the death of Jim Morrison greatly affected me.

9. What are your three favorite colors?

Every neutral color and black

10. Met someone who changed you in the past month?

Every person I meet has a profound impact on my life.

11. How many kids do you want:

Only one. Over population of the planet is a real issue.

12. Do you want to change your name?

No I am perfectly content with my identity, thank you. 

13. What did you do for your last birthday?

Two words: organic vineyard.

14. What time did you wake up today?

Right before sunrise so that I could do yoga as the sun came up.

15. Name something you CANNOT wait for:

New artisan bagel shop is supposed to open down the street.

16. Last time you saw your mother:

Does FaceTime count?

17. Most visited webpage:

18. Relationship status:


19. Zodiac sign:


20. Male or female:

I guess society wants me to say male so let's go with that.

21. Piercings:

I have a septum piercing but I hide it because, you know, society.

22. Tattoos:

Am I a stereotype to you?

23. Strong or Weak?

There is nothing wrong with being emotionally vulnerable, especially when it comes to your music.

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