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Friday, May 4, 2012

Wonder Where the Crawfish Bread at Jazzfest Comes From?

Crawfish Bread from Panaroma Foods
For many years now, the Crawfish Bread that is found at Jazzfest in New Orleans has been one of the culinary staples of the outdoor music event.  The gooey, cheesy stuffing loaded with Louisiana crawfish tails strings out from its crusty breaded prison to gush flavor unto each connoisseur.  Even famous New Orleans food critic Tom Fitzmorris clamined that the crawfish bread is "an essential Jazzfest dish that should not be missed."  However, this delicious treat does not come from some fancy Creole restaurant or age-old New Orleans haunt.  It comes from Marksville, Louisiana in Avoyelles Parish at a little bakery called Panaroma Foods.  It is there that each loaf of crawfish bread is carefully crafted to ensure that essential combination of crawfish, cheese, and bread.  The bread is actually rolled by hand using rolling pins.  It is a true labor of love for each loaf, and it never disappoints.  

When in Marksville, you can usually buy fresh crawfish, shrimp, and sausage breads right from the bakery's counter.  You can also get the loaves pre-cooked and frozen, meaning all you have to do is thaw them out and toast them in the oven for 10-15 minutes and you'll have some amazing Panaroma breads right at home.  Fortunately I snagged a loaf of crawfish bread as well as the sausage and jalapeno bread on recent trip up LA1.  The jalapeno sausage bread, dare I say, may have even been more impressive than the crawfish bread.  The cheese oozed out and the mild pop from the jalapenos worked so well with the other incredible flavors.  We devoured both loaves just as quickly as they came out the oven and then wished we had several more.
Sausage Bread with Jalapenos from Panaroma Foods, Inc. in Marksville, LA
So while at Jazzfest, you should certainly eat the #1 rated Jazzfest food.  But don't feel like you can't enjoy that amazing crawfish bread at other times of the year!  Just head to Marksville and grab a couple loaves to take home.  I guarantee that the next time you have a dinner party and break one of these things out, your guests will be amazed!

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