Friday, June 18, 2010

Slovenia - The 2010 FIFA World Cup Bites and Boozes


I could say something nice about Slovenia, but it would feel much better to just simply say GEAUX AMERICA!  That's right!  Today the USA plays Slovenia in their second match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, so what better occasion could we find to eat and drink Slovenian bites and boozes?!  I'm always a fan of eating your opponent, and today should be no different.  Let's take a closer look inside the kitchens of Slovenians where we'll find Prekmurska gibanica and žganje.  

Prekmurska gibanica is a heavy cake like pastry that originated from the Prekmurje region of Slovenia.  The flour-based layers are stuffed with poppy seed, walnut, apple, raisin, and cottage cheese fillings.  The dish has achieved the status as a national specialty of Slovenia.  Prekmurska gibanica has reached the level of being considered a festival and ritualistic dish for the Slovenians.  In face, on Europe Day 2006, Prekmurska gibanica was the sweet chosen to represent Slovenia as the Cafe Europe initiative of the Austrian Presidency of the European Union.   

Slovenia has its own version of a beverage that is common in central and eastern Europe.  They call their's žganje.  It is basically a fruit brandy (like Serbia's rakija) that can be made from many different fruits.  There is a version of it that is sweetened with honey, though most traditional Slovenian žganje is not.  When honey is added they call it medeno žganje.  One day I'll have to make over to that part of the world to try all of this fruit brandy and distilled alcohols.  I've had a few tastes of various drinks, but I think I wouldn't mind getting immersed in it for a while!

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