Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup - Bites and Boozes of the World Cup Countries

The 2010 FIFA World Cup 
on Bite and Booze

That's right friends and devoted Bite and Booze followers, the time is here for the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa!  For the next 32 days (June 10-July 11, 2010) Bite and Booze will highlight regional dishes and adult beverages from all 32 countries that are participating in the World Cup, the largest sporting event on the planet.  Each entry will feature cultural cuisine and cocktails from a different country in an effort to both bring awareness to food and drinks around the world as well as get my mouth watering for more world travel.  I've been lucky enough to try a handful of the treats that I will highlight, but for the most part everything is something that I'll love a chance to taste at some point in my life.  So raise a glass, grab a fork, and let's begin our tour of the World Cup through Bite and Booze!

In addition, I've teamed up with Eric from the BR Beer Scene to do posts from all 32 countries specifically about beer.  You'll want to make sure to check it out for a review of the world's beers as the soccer tournament rolls along!

Here is the schedule for my World Cup blog posts.  You can always use this index page to see anything you may have missed.  You could also check out the Bite and Booze Map to see a more geographical representation of the World Cup posts. 

June 13 - Serbia
June 14 - Paraguay
June 15 - North Korea
June 16 - Uruguay
June 17 - Greece
June 18 - Slovenia
June 19 - Cameroon
June 20 - Slovakia
June 21 - Honduras
June 22 - Nigeria
June 23 - Algeria
June 24 - New Zealand
June 25 - Switzerland
June 26 - Ghana
June 27 - Germany
June 28 - Chile
June 29 - Japan
June 30 - Australia
July 1 - Denmark
July 2 - Netherlands
July 3 - Brazil
July 4 - USA
July 5 - Ivory Coast
July 6 - South Korea
July 7 - Portugal
July 8 - France
July 9 - Italy
July 10 - Argentina
July 11 - Spain

Please share this post with all your Soccer/Futbol loving friends!  I'll make sure to continue to update hyper-links to each country as we go!
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  1. What a great idea! I can't wait to read your thoughts! Thanks for sharing Jay!

  2. No problem! Thanks for reading Rachel. And feel free to help spread the word!


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