Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Juban's Honey Bourbon: Whisk(e)y Wednesday presented by Calandro's Supermarket

Honey Bourbon at Juban's Creole Restaurant
Honey Bourbon at Juban's Creole Restaurant
I actually posted about Juban's honey bourbon back in 2011, well before I started the Whisk(e)y Wednesday series. However, it is high time that I take another look at the often overlooked beverage. To be clear, I don't overlook it. I drink some pretty much every time I step into the bar area at the Creole restaurant. But many people don't know that it exists! Juban's soaks fresh honey comb in their bourbon until it infuses to create a new elixir that is every bit as sweet as it is potent. This is the real deal too, not like that silly JD's Tennessee Honey. The Juban's honey bourbon is best enjoyed on the rocks... or maybe I should say that's the only way I've ever had it. What would you think about making an old fashioned or another cocktail using honey bourbon? That could be interesting. I'm always down to try new things. But seriously, take it from me... go to Juban's and order a honey bourbon or perhaps a double. I think you'll enjoy it.

Whisk(e)y Wednesday is a blog post series on Bite and Booze sponsored by Calandro's Supermarket. Calandro's has one of Baton Rouge's best selections of bourbon, Scotch, Irish, and other whisk(e)ys as well as wine and craft beer. This WW feature was scored by Jay DucoteEric Ducote, and Jeremy Spikes. Scores are marked for Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance and Complexity using our own proprietary scoring system. Marks are then added and averaged, leaving us with a final score out of a 100 point scale. Our scale should be looked at on the full range of 0-100 rather than an academic range where 70 is passing and anything less is failing. A 50 should be considered a very mediocre whisk(e)y (though not undrinkable) while anything below 20 is absolute horse piss and anything above 80 is rather extraordinary and anything above 90 is world class.

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